Practical shooting is an international discipline that is shot in over 52 countries. There are local, state, national and international competitions happening on a regular basis.

Practical target shooting involves shooting a variety of targets (both paper and steel, stationary and/or moving targets or even penalty targets). There is no set way these targets are arranged, nor even how many targets are used in a single match. Match organisers create a number of “stages”, each using different numbers and arrangements of targets, to create a shooting challenge that the competitors have to solve as fast and as accurately as possible.

Unlike other shooting disciplines, all participants (male, female, junior) compete together over exact same stages, with the same rules and the same scoring procedures.

Only one competitor at a time shoots the stage. Shooters will always be under the direct supervision and control of a Range Officer whose job it is to enforce the match safety rules.

Practical shooters tend to not train by shooting the set competition over and over again, as there is no set competition. They instead practice the skills that are required (reloads, drawing from a holster etc.) to help engage whatever stages a match organiser may throw at them.

Cranbourne-Dandenong Pistol Club run an IPSC match almost every week!

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